4 Common Mistakes People Make With Skin Allergy Treatment

July 30, 2020



Many people find that their rashes and skin allergies tend to recur after treatment. This may be due to a few common mistakes.


  1. Stopping Skin Allergy Medication After a Few Days


Antihistamine tablets are one of the mainstays of treatment for hives (also known as urticaria) and other skin allergies.


They work by reducing the release of a chemical called histamine which causes the itch.



Many people tend to stop the medication after there is some improvement in the rash. This causes a recurrence in the rash, as there is often a second release of histamines by the body even a few days after the initial allergic reaction.


Doctor’s Recommendation:

Antihistamines should be taken daily for at least a week, even if the rashes or allergies have resolved.

In particular, for hives, antihistamines are most effective when taken regularly to prevent the onset of hives, rather than only taking them when the hives appear. In some cases, antihistamines may even be required for weeks or months.


  1. Not Using Moisturiser


You probably have heard from your doctor that it is important to use a moisturiser on your body daily, but think “Does it really make a difference? Isn’t medication enough?”


Dry skin can cause exacerbations or recurrence of skin allergies. This is due to a weak skin barrier which usually protects the skin by keeping out irritants. Using a moisturiser protects damaged and sensitive skin. When skin is well moisturised, the skin barrier is restored, and potential irritants such as soaps, chemicals, dust, sweat, or clothing fibres are less likely to cause sensitivity.


Doctor’s Recommendation:

It is best to use moisturisers right after showers or baths, and more often if the skin feels dry or itchy.

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  1. Use of Harsh Soaps like Dettol


Antibacterial soaps such as Dettol and Lifebuoy tend to remove the natural oils from the surface of the skin, causing dry skin and affecting the skin barrier. The strong chemicals also cause irritation and sensitivity.


Doctor’s Recommendation:

Use a mild, non-fragranced, non-soap skin cleanser if you have skin allergies.


It is also advisable to take short showers with warm water, instead of long hot showers, as prolonged exposure to hot temperature also dries out the skin. Don’t forget to moisturise after the shower!



     4. Use of Harsh Soaps like Dettol Overuse of Steroid Creams


While moisturisers are often ignored as part of the daily treatment of skin allergies, steroid creams, on the other hand, tend to be overused.



Doctor’s Recommendation:

Steroid creams are potent medication and are to be used only as a thin layer on rashes and ideally not used longer than a week at a time. The steroid cream should also not be used on normal skin.


When overuse, steroid creams may actually thin the skin and cause pigmentation changes. There may also be a rebound of the allergy or rash after stopping the steroid cream if it is used for extended periods. The steroid may also get absorbed and cause systemic bodily side effects – even in unrelated organs – if used in large amounts.


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Find a Cure for your Skin Allergy


Have you been suffering from skin allergies? Make an appointment with our doctors for a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.


Online consultation for skin & aesthetic is available too! Simply contact +65 9728 2861!



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