The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way we’re using products in our beauty routine.


Considering extensive hand washing has become our daily routine, skin dryness and irritation is a serious concern for many people.


Daily mask-wearing has triggered acne and skin irritation.




Safer, cleaner skincare regime this Covid-19 pandemic

Consumers are becoming more particular about what products they put on their skin.


More people are searching for moisturisers that soften skin, soothes irritation, and made from safe ingredients that don’t produce further damage.




Eyes Makeup is Trending

Beauty trends are shifting.


According to reports, the sales for makeup products have been declining, and it will be a “total beauty reset”.


Lipstick and foundation sales have dropped but there’s a surge in sales in eye makeup products.





Recommended Beauty Routine This Covid-19 Pandemic

    Clean your face using a pH-balanced, non-drying skin cleanser.
  2. TONE.
    Use a toner to balance your skin’s pH value.
    Protect the moisture barrier. Apply light-weight moisturiser and avoid using rich face cream.
    Cover any open wounds or cracks in the skin. Apply steroid creams on eczema-affected areas.
    Wear oil-free sunblock (even when you’re working from home)
  5. AVOID.
    Try to avoid wearing makeup. If you have to apply makeup, choose non-comedogenic cosmetic.
  6. TREAT.
    If you’re suffering from skin irritation, it’s best to visit a doctor to get the problem treated before it gets worse.




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Your hair is usually the first thing people notice first about you.



It’s often described as one’s crowning glory.



Hair Loss & Ageing of Hair

Just like other parts of our body, our hair and scalp will go through ageing and face its own set of problems too.



Some people start losing their hair as early as late teens and early 20s.



6 Types of Hair Loss and Scalp Problems

Common hair and scalp problems include the following:





1) Hair Loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss (alopecia) is a frequent concern for both men and women.


For males, it commons affects the crown and frontal hairline. For females, it usually affects the crown and frontal scalp.



Androgenic alopecia in itself is not a medical condition and is due to a combination of genetics, ageing and hormones.



Treatment for Hair Loss in Singapore


Fotona laser scalp treatment is a clinically proven treatment which combines different wavelength to reach the deepest layers of the scalp and hair follicles.


It helps to activate the natural healing process and restores natural hair growth.


Other treatment options include:




2) Bald Patches

Bald patches can be due to a variety of causes. The two most common causes would be alopecia areata and scalp ringworm.



Alopecia areata usually leads to a few bald spots.


It is believed to be due to the body’s own immune system attacking the hair follicles and family history is an important risk factor.




3) Scalp Ringworm

Scalp ringworm or tinea capitis is a fungal infection of the scalp.


Tinea capitis appears as one or more oval areas covered with grey scales, often associated with itch and hair loss.




The patches may be red, inflamed and dotted with pus-filled vesicles (pustules).  Tiny black dots, representing broken hairs, may also be seen on the patches.




4) Itchy Scalp


Scalp pruritus, known as itchy scalp, is a common condition. There is a wide range of causes.



5) Dandruff


Dandruff, also called seborrheic dermatitis is undoubtedly the most common cause. It leads to an itchy and flaky scalp with areas of redness.


The problem tends to begin in late adolescence but is most common in young adults and the elderly. It is more common in males than in females.


Dandruff may be worse with stress and infrequent shampooing. Fortunately, it is not contagious.




6) Head Lice


Head lice outbreaks is not common in Singapore but can occur among school-going children.


It is highly contagious and the most prominent symptoms are intense scalp itching.


Head louse is an infestation by the human head louse. The female louse lays eggs (nits) on the hair shaft close to the scalp and those nits hatch about 8-10 days later.


Hence, moving lice or non-moving nits may be seen on the scalp and hair. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible if you suspect you have head lice as it is highly contagious.




Hair & Scalp Treatment in Singapore 

Overwhelmed by the range of conditions that can affect your hair and scalp? Fortunately, treatments are available for all the above-mentioned conditions.




If you are troubled by a hair issue, make an appointment with us. We would be able to diagnose your hair condition and recommend treatments.





Book Hair Growth Treatment Now (Without Surgery or Needles)






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Is skin pigmentation bothering you?



You might have considered going through laser pigmentation treatment to get rid of those unwanted freckles and spots effectively.



For those who are interested but afraid of going through laser pigmentation removal, this post will answer some of the most common misconceptions about laser treatments.





5 Most Common Misconceptions about Laser Treatments:


Misconception #1: Laser treatment is painful

Laser treatments cause very little pain and it’s manageable for most people.


Patients often describe the feeling during a laser procedure as a tingling sensation or the feeling of a rubber band snapping gently on the skin.


If you are worried about the pain, numbing cream can be applied to the skin prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort during the procedure.




Misconception #2: Your skin gets thinner and weaker after each laser treatment


This is untrue. Most lasers nowadays are non-ablative lasers used for pigments and rejuvenation.


Pigmentation lasers at Healthsprings do not burn off any skin layers.


The treatment is safe for the skin when the rights settings are used. Hence it is important to look for qualified, trained doctors.


Our laser treatment helps stimulate collagen production and gives you firmer skin after the treatments.





Misconception #3: One session of laser treatment will clear all pigment


Typically after one session, you will notice some improvement on your skin.


However, most of the time, a treatment plan is required for non-ablative lasers to produce satisfying results. This is a trade-off that comes with a low downtime treatment.


Once the treatment plan is completed, the results are usually long-lasting if the skin is well taken care of.



Misconception #4: The results of laser skin treatment is permanent

Usually, pigmented lesions or spots that have been removed will not return after your laser treatments.


However, there are various factors that can stimulate new hyperpigmentation e.g. exposure to UV, ageing, hormonal factors.


Laser pigmentation removal treatments do not prevent new hyperpigmentation from occurring. Hence, it is important to take care of your skin after the treatment with sunscreen and occasional maintenance session of laser treatment.




Misconception #5: My skin will be flawless and baby-like after laser treatment

Aesthetic Beauty Clinic Singapore


It is undoubtedly that laser skin treatment can treat a lot of different problems e.g. clear pigmentation, reduce spots and wrinkles.


However, not everyone can achieve flawless, baby skin after laser treatment.


Based on individual’s skin condition, we usually recommend a combination of different treatments e.g. skinboosters, Infini micro-needling, skin tightening treatments for well-rounded results.





Am I A Good Candidate for Laser Skin Treatment? 

Talking with your doctor before undergoing any sort of aesthetic treatment will give you peace of mind and clear knowledge of what is ahead.



Laser Trial is Available at Healthsprings


Speak to our experienced aesthetic doctors and get your customized treatment plan today!


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Work From Home (WFH) and hang out with people virtually has become a new normal.





As we become less active during this stay-home period, many of us gain weight naturally.




Is There A Way to Slim Down Without Exercising?



Exercising is helpful in weight loss. We have put together a list of Quick & Easy Home Workouts for Beginners.


However, consistency is the key to weight loss through exercising & diet.


A customized diet plan and medications are treatment options offered at Healthsprings.




Customised Diet Plan & Medications for Weight Loss 



Weight loss medication will help reduce your appetite and make you consume fewer calories. It works by increasing levels of catecholamines.


Assessment of weight, BMI and blood pressure will be needed to assess if suitable for prescription weight loss medication.




Fat Reduction & Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment at Clinic



Benefits of Vanquish Me Fat Reduction:

– It kills the entire fat cell, making results successful long-term.
– Covers a large area. Designed to eliminate the excess midsection fat.
– “Contact-less” . Treatment can be done with minimal physical contact and adhere to safe distancing.
– Painless, no bruising, no visible downtime or risk of infection
– Quick & Efficient treatment. Requires less visit time and suitable for people who have busy schedules.




Get Weight Management Advice and Medications via Online Consultation and Home Delivery



Not sure how to arrange for an online consultation? Read: Guide to Online Consultation


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Flu Shot is Now Available in Phase 1



Influenza is a respiratory illness which is highly contagious. 🤧 As flu viruses are constantly changing, it’s recommended to have flu vaccines at least once a year.


stay fit and healthy during coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.



Phase 1 of Circuit Breaker is in effect. I am sure many of you are keen to resume your aesthetic procedures.



Sadly, not everything can be done in this period.



Aesthetic Treatments Allowed in Phase 1




According to guidelines released by the Ministry of Health, the only treatment for moderate to severe acne, severe or worsening pigmentation disorder, inflammatory skin conditions e.g. eczema, and viral warts can be carried out.


As such, below are treatments and procedures that can be carried out during Phase 1 of Circuit breaker classified according to conditions;



1. Acne



Types of Acne


Recommended Treatments for Acne:

Oral medications, Topical medications, Chemical Peels, Q-Switch Laser and BroadBand Light, Injection for acne cysts




2. Pigmentation


Types of pigmentation


Liver Spots/ Age Spots: Age spots vary in size and usually appear on areas exposed to the sun, e.g. the face, neck, shoulders, and arms. Age spots are also called sunspots, liver spots and solar lentigines. They are often associated with sun exposure and can appear suddenly as you age.


Melasma: Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder affecting Asian skin. Melasma is sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy because it is sometimes triggered by an increase in hormones in pregnant women.


Freckles: Freckles are flat, light brown circular spots that typically appear on sun-exposed skin and usually a result of genetics. Freckles are more common on the face of poorly pigmented individuals and people with fair skin tone. Youngs kids may develop freckles too as early as 2 years old.


Acne Marks (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks): The red or brown marks that remain after blemishes have healed are caused by pigmentation and are known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks (PIH).



Recommended Treatments for Pigmentation:


Oral medications, Topical medications, Chemical Peels, Q-Switch Laser, Yellow Laser and BroadBand Light




3. Warts



Warts are caused by many different types of human papillomavirus (HPV).  They can be found on skin or mucus membranes and may occur singly or in groups. The most commonly occur on hands or feet.


It is important to remove warts. Though in most cases they are harmless, they can spread to other parts of the body easily.



Recommended Treatments for Warts:

CO2 laser removal




Read: 7 Types of Skin Bumps and How to Get Rid  of Them




Aesthetic Treatments Not Allowed in Phase 1


Regretfully, popular treatments such as Botox, Fillers, Ultherapy, HiFU, Threads, Infini, CO2 laser for scar management and removal of moles or milia, Vanquish and Exilis , still cannot be carried out in this period.


It is still unknown whether or not these procedures can be performed when Phase 2 comes into effect. We will update you all as soon as these procedures can be done, so stay tuned!





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Healthsprings was established in 2000 with its first medical clinic located at Bukit Panjang. In 2001, the company ventured into the medical aesthetic field and has been offering Lasers, Peels, Fillers, Botulinum Injections and other aesthetic services. In 2008, Healthsprings Laser and Aesthetic is opened in Orchard Road and has been known to specialise in different aesthetic procedures for the skin, face, body, and hair.

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