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With effect from 1 July 2020, anyone aged 13 and above who has fever or flu symptoms will have to undergo swab test for COVID-19.


Your General Practitioner (GP) will perform a swab test on you at the clinic if the clinic is participating in the Swab and Send Home (SASH) initiative.


Healthsprings clinics are participating in SASH .




What is the Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) initiative?


Previously, all swab tests for Covid-19 were done at hospitals.


Currently, polyclinics and some general practitioner clinics can participate in the SASH to help strengthen active case-finding in the community.



Patients who meet certain criteria are swabbed and then sent home to wait for their test results.


Updated Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) criteria can be found on MOH’s site.



Swab Test FAQ 


1: What are the ARI symptoms?

Answer: ARI refers to acute respiratory infection. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, runny nose, anosmia.


2:  I’m planning on travelling. Can I opt for swabs to certify that I’m fit to travel?

Answer: This is not allowed currently.


3:  My kids are under 13 and they have flu symptoms. Do they need to undergo the swab test?

Answer: Not necessary unless they have contact history with COVID-19 positive patients. They can have the test done at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKWCH) or National University Hospital (NUH).


4:  Is the swab test painful?

Answer: The test is generally painless, however, there may be some discomfort as the small flexible stick is inserted into the nostrils to collect nasal fluids. You may feel like sneezing or coughing during the process.


5: Can I have a flu vaccination to prevent getting flu symptoms?

Answer: Yes, flu vaccination can prevent you from getting flu symptoms. Moreover, it is recommended to have flu vaccination updated every season to prevent influenza viruses that can infect the nose, throat, and lungs.





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If you prefer to stay at home and speak to a doctor via phone call, read: Online Consultation.


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Are you having trouble with sleep now that circuit breaker is over? Some of us may have become used to sleeping late at night since there was the luxury of taking naps during the day.


How About Sleeping Pills?

There is plenty of research on how we can achieve better sleep. Although sleeping pills may seem to be effective in the short term, they lose their efficacy with regular use and there is a risk of becoming addicted or dependent on sleeping pills.



A proven better method is to develop healthy sleep habits (termed as “sleep hygiene”).



Healthy sleep habits

Try these simple tips to maximise and improve the quality of your sleep.



#1 Turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing space



We fall asleep more easily in a dark, cool, and quiet environment. Draw the curtains or use an eye mask to block out light, and put away phones and tablets which emit blue light that stimulates our brains to keep us awake. Turn up the fan or air-conditioning for a few hours to cool down the room – research has shown that a drop in body temperature is associated with sleepiness.



#2 Have a regular bedtime

Aim to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends or days off. It is also good to have a regular daytime routine, and try not to avoid doing any planned activities just because you feel tired.



#3 Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine (cigarettes)



Avoid these 4-6 hours before going to bed. These substances interfere with the ability to fall asleep and affect the quality of sleep.



#4 Establish a soothing sleep routine

Try to do some relaxing stretches or breathing exercises, having a cup of caffeine-free beverage, or taking a hot shower or bath 1-2 hours before bedtime. Over time, this bedtime routine will remind your body that it is time to sleep.



#5 Don’t watch the clock during the night



This will make you feel more stressed if you are unable to sleep. Instead, if you haven’t been able to fall asleep for a while, get out of bed and do something boring until you feel sleepy, then return to bed. For example, you could sit on the sofa with the lights off, or read a textbook or something that is not too stimulating.


#6 Try not to take naps during the day

so that you are tired enough for bed. If you do have to, try to do so before 3pm, and for less than an hour. Many have the habit of taking naps after work, leaving them wide awake when it comes to the actual bedtime.



#7 Bed is only for sleeping



Avoid eating, reading, watching videos, or scrolling on your phone while lounging on your bed. This helps your body to make the association between bed and sleep, and you will find it easier to fall asleep once your body hits the sack.



#8 Regular exercise

Exercises help with sleep – as long as you make sure to finish it at least 3 hours before bed. Morning exercises are a great way to feel refreshed for the day ahead, but exercising too close to bedtime can keep you awake at night.



#9 Seek medical help


If you are having difficulty with sleep even after trying the tips above, our friendly doctors are available to help with your sleep issues.


We offer Online Consultation with Doctor. You can now speak to our doctor without stepping out of the house! Contact us today!


Work From Home (WFH) and hang out with people virtually has become a new normal.





As we become less active during this stay-home period, many of us gain weight naturally.




Is There A Way to Slim Down Without Exercising?



Exercising is helpful in weight loss. We have put together a list of Quick & Easy Home Workouts for Beginners.


However, consistency is the key to weight loss through exercising & diet.


A customized diet plan and medications are treatment options offered at Healthsprings.




Customised Diet Plan & Medications for Weight Loss 



Weight loss medication will help reduce your appetite and make you consume fewer calories. It works by increasing levels of catecholamines.


Assessment of weight, BMI and blood pressure will be needed to assess if suitable for prescription weight loss medication.




Fat Reduction & Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment at Clinic



Benefits of Vanquish Me Fat Reduction:

– It kills the entire fat cell, making results successful long-term.
– Covers a large area. Designed to eliminate the excess midsection fat.
– “Contact-less” . Treatment can be done with minimal physical contact and adhere to safe distancing.
– Painless, no bruising, no visible downtime or risk of infection
– Quick & Efficient treatment. Requires less visit time and suitable for people who have busy schedules.




Get Weight Management Advice and Medications via Online Consultation and Home Delivery



Not sure how to arrange for an online consultation? Read: Guide to Online Consultation


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Flu Shot is Now Available in Phase 1



Influenza is a respiratory illness which is highly contagious. 🤧 As flu viruses are constantly changing, it’s recommended to have flu vaccines at least once a year.


stay fit and healthy during coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.



The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us – imposing sudden changes in our lives, causing fears about our health, job and finances, as well as the loss of social connections. It is not surprising that the number of calls made to mental health hotlines both in Singapore and globally has gone up substantially, as reported by the Straits Times.



A degree of sadness or anxiety can be normal – and is part of the process of grieving our pre-pandemic way of life that we took for granted, and moving towards acceptance of the new normal.


However, if the intensity of sadness or anxiety is overwhelming, and you notice other changes such as insomnia, irritability, inability to function, and loss of interest in activities or appetite – it is recommended to seek professional attention.



Here are some tips to boost your mental health:

















Useful Hotlines & Links



Community Psychology Hub Online Counselling: https://www.cphonlinecounselling.sg/

Fei Yue Community Services Online Counselling: www.ec2.sg

National Care Hotline: 6202-6868

Samaritans of Singapore (24 hour): 1800-221-4444

IMH Mental Health Helpline: 3689-2222

Childhood illness and injuries are commonplace. By some estimates, they make up to 30-40% of doctor’s visits.



It is important for parents to know some basic first aid for initial management before bringing their child to see a doctor.


Here are some common illness symptoms and injuries that a parent may encounter, and tips on how to deal with them effectively.



1) Fever


Showering and sponging are very effective methods of bringing down a fever. Evaporation of water from your child’s skin brings away excess body heat. Paracetamol at 10-15mg/kg can also be given to bring down a fever.  If fever persists despite the above measures or if you feel something is not right, please bring your child to the doctor. Although most causes of fever are benign, there are serious conditions that needs management by a doctor.



2) Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea


Most cases of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are self-limiting and only need symptomatic treatment. Frequent small feeds with oral rehydration solution or half strength apple juice is usually sufficient to prevent further vomiting and maintain hydration of your child. As your child improves, he or she can slowly progress back to his/her usual diet. If vomiting is persistent or your child is lethargic, please consult a doctor.



3) Bleeding from abrasions, cuts, and lacerations


Wash the wound with clean water and apply a clean cloth to the wound. Apply steady pressure on the cloth and wound with your palm for 5 minutes.  Raise bleeding part above level of your child’s heart if possible.  Seek medical attention if the cut is large , deep or if bleeding cannot be stopped.



4) Burns and scalds


Place the affected area under a running tap for at least 20 minutes. For small, superficial burns, clean it with antiseptic solution and cover it with a loose dry dressing for next few days. Do not apply butter, grease or other home remedies to the burn. If surface area of the burn is large, appears deep or on face, hands, joints or genitals, cover with a clean towel and bring your child to a doctor.



5) Choking


A choking child may appear panicky, blue , is unable to cry or talk, grabs at his/her throat or waves arms, or is gasping or wheezing. Quickly call 995 and perform the Heimlich maneuver if you have been trained in it. If your child becomes unconscious, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.



6) Seizures

Lay your child on a flat surface e.g. bed or the floor. Remove any dangerous objects around and loosen tight clothing around the head and neck. Turn him/her to one side to prevent choking. Do not place objects in your child’s mouth or try to force it open.  If the seizure last for >= 5 minutes, call for an ambulance and administer rectal diazepam if you have it.



7) Accidental poisoning


Bring your child to a doctor ASAP. If your child becomes unconscious, call an ambulance and turn him/her to one side so that when they vomit, they do not inhale the vomitus. Do not try to induce vomiting or give any home remedy or antidote. Bring the poison in its container for easy identification.



8) Nose bleed


Tilt your child’s head forward and pinch the soft part of the nose.  Gently inform them to breathe through their mouth while you are pinching their nose.  Release the pinch after about 10 minutes. Repeat if bleeding persists. Seek medical attention if bleeding does not stop in 30 minutes.



Prevention is always better than cure.

Preventive measures such as gates for kitchen entrance, window grills, corner guards, door slam protectors and close supervision of your young ones minimizes risk of injury. However, accidents happen and by having knowledge of basic first aid, many injuries can be stabilized before bringing your child to the doctor.



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