How To Effectively Eliminate Face Fat?

October 17, 2019



If you are looking to eliminate facial fat, you will have to lose weight on a whole because spot reduction is a myth. You will need to adjust your routine for a healthier lifestyle with stricter guidelines. That said, losing weight isn’t the only thing you can do to lose face fat; there are other options you can consider as well.


Undergoing a face slimming treatment in Singapore is the simplest solution. You could also improve your chances of success by introducing healthy routines into your lifestyle.


Besides going through non-surgical face contouring, what are some examples of methods or treatments that are medically proven to eliminate face fat?




  1. Engage in physical activities


There are two main types of physical activities. The first is strength training, which strengthens your bones and increases muscle mass to help you burn more calories. The second is cardiovascular training, which promotes sweating for removal of toxins, increases heart rate and caloric expenditure as well as strengthens your heart.


Cardiovascular activities include jogging, jumping rope, cycling, dancing and high intensity interval training, to name a few.


Studies have shown that increased cardio exercises can lead to greater fat loss. As such, engage in cardio activities regularly to eliminate face fat effectively.




  1. Keep track of what you eat and drink


Even if you exercise regularly, you won’t lose weight if you do not watch your diet. Cut down on foods high in carbs such as cookies, crackers, and pastries.


Besides food, monitor your intake of water and alcohol as well. Limit alcohol consumption as this could lead to excess facial fat. Alcohol is high in calories and one can easily consume too much alcohol, and therefore calories, without even realizing it. Water, on the other hand, has zero calories, is essential for bodily functions and can make you feel fuller, thus helping you to control your appetite. It is easy to confuse thirst signals for hunger!



  1. Undergo medical treatment


With all that said, undergoing medical treatment is the easiest way to go if you are looking to eliminate facial fat as there is a higher chance of success in a shorter period of time. Leading a healthy lifestyle and engaging in frequent physical activity will help to maintain the results of the medical treatments.





Go through a facial skin tightening treatment in Singapore like radio-frequency, a technique that produces a thermal reaction within the tissue for a lifting and tightening effect.


With such treatments, you will not only lose face fat, but will have a reduction in wrinkles as well. As a result, you’ll look more youthful with more refined skin texture. There’s no downtime, and you can immediately resume your normal life after treatment.



Dermal fillers


Another ideal aesthetic treatment involves the use of dermal fillers. These fillers are based on hyaluronic acid (HA) that restore volume in the skin to alter facial features. It’s completely safe and non-painful, and helps to enhance facial features by improving facial lines.




High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)


A HIFU skin tightening treatment uses energy to target deep beneath the layers of skin. It stimulates extensive collagen synthesis, resulting in a long-term skin tightening effect on the face.


To get the best possible results for face fat elimination, follow all of these tips to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.



For slimming treatments in Singapore, contact Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic Clinic at 9728 2861.

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