Itchy Skin? 7 Methods for Effective Eczema Treatment

September 19, 2019



Haze in Singapore has reached the unhealthy level recently.


Exposure to the main air pollutant which is particulate matters (PM) may cause irritation of the eyes, nose, skin, and throat in individuals.


Haze Can Cause Skin Irritation


The particles settled on the skin can cause irritation such as rough texure, itch, rash, and breakouts.


Those suffered from eczema find their skin condition worsen, even those eczema-free individuals may find their skin becoming irritable.


The combination of UV rays and haze can also accelerate skin ageing.



Protect Your Skin from Haze & Pollution!

Clogged pores, blackheads, and redness are the common skin problems from haze.


Wash your face regularly. – Use make up removal to remove your make up and sunblock before your cleanser. Then, pick a non-drying skin cleanser to prevent your skin from getting stripped of moisture. After cleansing, use oil-free moisturizer to prevent pores getting clogged. Serums and antioxidants are great to enhance skin renewal and help reduce damage from the haze and pollutant.



If You’re Suffering from Ezcema


Eczema is an increasingly common skin condition affecting people of all ages. Eczema is common in babies and children as well.



You could get eczema on your legs, chest, armpits and even face.


Eczema is usually caused by the skin’s interaction with the environment. Sometimes, it depends on the person’s genes. People with eczema are usually more vulnerable to irritants such as chemicals, soaps, dust, smoke, and other external factors.




7 Methods for Effective Eczema Treatment


#1 Avoid dry skin


For most people, dry skin can trigger or worsen eczema. To avoid dry skin, avoid hot baths or showers as this causes the skin to dry out easily.  Instead, use lukewarm water.


After bathing or showering, apply non-fragranced moisturisers on the entire body daily.  Moisturising the skin prevents flare-ups, so it’s best to moisturise the skin even if it isn’t irritated for maximum protection.



#2 Steer clear from triggers that cause flare-ups


Triggers include cigarette smoke, soaps, cleaners, fabrics, antibacterial ointment, and fragrances. To identify which ones are harmful to your skin, consult with an eczema specialist in Singapore so you can take a more targeted approach to avoid these substances.




#3 Relieve stress and anxiety


A study has shown that stress, anxiety, and eczema are linked. When we’re stressed or anxious, the body responds by producing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. The problem is when cortisol production is too high, it hampers the immune system, causing an inflammatory response on the skin.




#4 Keep yourself cool


Prolonged exposure to extreme heat is one of the many factors that trigger eczema flare-ups. Avoid staying in hot areas, and make sure to keep your home well ventilated. Keep the temperature relatively cool to avoid the skin from drying out.



#5 Get comfortable


Stay away from certain fabrics such as polyester and wool as they can irritate the skin. Instead, opt for clothing made from 100% cotton that’s comfortable and loose. Cotton is a comfortable fibre that can prevent skin irritation and allow maximum breathability.




#6 Don’t scratch


Avoid scratching the skin at all costs. Bacteria can cause infections especially when the skin breaks; so the more you scratch the skin, the higher the risk of flare-ups. Instead, gently rub or pinch the skin to temporarily relieve the itch.



#7 Consult with a doctor


In the end, going through eczema treatment in Singapore is the most dependable choice. Consult with a doctor to identify the factors that could trigger eczema so you can prevent it from flaring.



For prevention & treatments, visit Healthsprings. Contact us and book an appointment to know more about eczema and other skin-related conditions.

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