CO2 Laser vs INFINI for Acne Scars

March 18, 2019


“How effective is CO2 Laser v.s. Infini Microneedle Radio Frequency for acne scars?”


This is the common question we get every day.


This article will explain how both work and appropriate treatments are chosen for each of our patients.


Fractional co2 Laser



  • How does it work?

It works by ablating or burning away certain parts of the skin while leaving other parts of the skin untouched.

The ablated skin will be stimulated to grow new skin . Other areas of skin is spared to reduce the downtime of the treatment and allow faster healing of the skin .


  • Results?

Overall results is smoother, younger skin with improvement of the acne scars.


  • Side effects?

Because of the ablation and damage to the surface of the skin, there will be swelling and redness of the skin after the treatment. Scabs may also be seen on the skin over the next few days.


  • Aftercare?

Sunblock and sun avoidance is essential to prevent skin pigmentation after treatment . Proper skin care is needed post treatment to prevent post treatment infection . Moisturizers are also recommended as the skin will be slightly dehydrated after the treatment.


Watch the full treatment video here


Infini Microneedle Radio Frequency (RF)



  • How does it work?

The infini microneedle will pierce through the surface of the skin and release RF energy below the skin surface.

As the needle is insulated , only the tip of the needle will release RF energy, thereby reducing damage to the skin surface.  The needle can also be adjusted to reach different depths of the skin, thereby treating acne scars which may be at different depth. It is also able to treat acne scars which are both superficial and deep.


  • Results?

The RF energy will stimulate collagen and reduce the acne scars below the skin surface without damaging the skin surface.


  • Side effects

Infini sounds like a staple on your skin. Treatment is more uncomfortable compared to co2 laser as there are microneedles used.

There will be some needle marks or bruises post treatment. Scabs may be seen on the skin post treatment. However risk of post treatment pigmentation is much lower compared to co2 Laser.


  • Aftercare

Proper skincare is needed to prevent infections. The skin will need moisturizers post treatment. Acne outbreak may occur post treatment and prophylactic treatment may be needed.


Watch the full treatment video here


How to Decide Between the Treatments? 


1. Severity , type and depth of acne scars
Generally co2 lasers are better for superficial rolling acne scars and box scars .
For rolling scars and box scars which are deeper and of different depth , infini will give better results
Your doctor is the best person to decide on the ideal treatment after assessing your skin


2.  Tolerance
Some dislike needles and find the infini treatment painful. Rest assured that local anaesthetic cream and injections are used prior to treatment to reduce any discomfort. But with the better results from a single session of infini, the discomfort is definitely worth it!


3. Budget
Fractional co2 Laser is cheaper than infini. Costs usually determine the choice of treatment.


4. Expectations
Results from one session of infini is equivalent to several sessions of fractional co2 Laser.


It is best to discuss your expectations, budget and pain tolerance with your doctor before deciding on the appropriate treatment for yourself.

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