COVID Tests at GP Clinics: SASH & Business Travellers

June 29, 2020



With effect from 1 July 2020, anyone aged 13 and above who has fever or flu symptoms will have to undergo swab test for COVID-19.


Your General Practitioner (GP) will perform a swab test on you at the clinic if the clinic is participating in the Swab and Send Home (SASH) initiative.


Healthsprings clinics are participating in Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) initiative and PCR test for business travellers.


Orchard: 6734 5260 (WhatsApp 9728 7793)

Bukit Panjang: 6892 6681 (WhatsApp 8799 8936)

Bidadari: 6970 7933 (WhatsApp 8616 6166)




Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) 


Previously, all swab tests for Covid-19 were done at hospitals.


Currently, polyclinics and some general practitioner clinics can participate in the SASH to help strengthen active case-finding in the community.



Patients who meet certain criteria are swabbed and then sent home to wait for their test results.


Updated Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) criteria can be found on MOH’s site.




Swab Tests for Business Travellers 



Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR  (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing can now be done at Healthsprings clinics.



Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test FAQ


1. What is the application criteria for pre-departure PCR test? Do I need a COVID test to travel?


Approval for pre-departure tests may be granted only for travellers from Singapore who are travelling to a destination country that has a mandatory requirement for travellers to produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test result prior to entry into the country. You may visit SafeTravel site for more info.


You may apply for a pre-departure test using the corresponding application form based on your reason for travel:


Successful applicants will be notified of the approval via the email registered in the form within five working days.



2. What documents should I bring for the PCR test?


Please have the following information on hand when making an appointment for your test:

  • Approval email to take the pre-departure PCR swab test
  • Identity card number and passport number
  • Departure flight timing (if applicable)


Kindly be informed that if you did not bring the required documents on the appointment date, you will not be allowed to proceed with the PCR test.


3. How far in advance should I make an appointment for the pre-departure PCR test?


The PCR test needs to be completed within 48 hours (not less than 30 hours) before your departure time.


Due to limited slots, please make your appointment with the clinic as early as possible, once your approval and flight timing is confirmed. You are responsible for checking for your testing window that is in line with your destination country’s requirement.


Please forward the approval email/ letter from the respective authority to  Please also indicate your preferred clinic, your departure flight details and your preferred appointment date and time (within 48 hours from departure date and time).


4. Can I visit any Healthsprings clinic to do the pre-departure PCR test?


The PCR can be conducted at these Healthsprings Medical clinics at Orchard, Bukit Panjang, Bidadari. Click here for the addresses & number. Please call our clinic to book your test slot.



5. When can I expect to get my PCR results?


You will receive your PCR test results and memo at least three hours before your departure, if you met the cut-off timing at your clinic. Please let the clinic know if you need to receive the memo by a certain time.


The clinic will email the results to your email address. You will need to print and bring the memo overseas yourself.





Swab Test FAQ 


1: What are the ARI symptoms?

Answer: ARI refers to acute respiratory infection. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, runny nose, anosmia.


2:  I’m planning on travelling. Can I opt for swabs to certify that I’m fit to travel?

Answer: Yes, you can now do swab tests at our clinics for business travels. Please refer below.


3:  My kids are under 13 and they have flu symptoms. Do they need to undergo the swab test?

Answer: Not necessary unless they have contact history with COVID-19 positive patients. They can have the test done at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKWCH) or National University Hospital (NUH).


4:  Is the swab test painful?

Answer: The test is generally painless, however, there may be some discomfort as the small flexible stick is inserted into the nostrils to collect nasal fluids. You may feel like sneezing or coughing during the process.


5: Can I have a flu vaccination to prevent getting flu symptoms?

Answer: Yes, flu vaccination can prevent you from getting flu symptoms. Moreover, it is recommended to have flu vaccination updated every season to prevent influenza viruses that can infect the nose, throat, and lungs.





Consult Doctor Online 


If you prefer to stay at home and speak to a doctor via phone call, read: Online Consultation.


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